There is no denying the fact that WordPress is an amazing CMS that lets you create even more amazing websites to help you materialize your online presence. With the amount of ease of operation offered, WordPress is a dream come true for all the non-technical website owners because they have been empowered to take care of things on their own with the least help from professionals. However, there are still certain aspects that need to be analyzed and monitored so that your website performs well throughout its span of operation. This would require an understanding of some technical elements that determine the success of your WordPress site i.e. your site’s “Uptime” and “Downtime”. Let’s dig deeper to understand more about these crucial factors. Website Uptime The choice of your web hosting service will largely determine the uptime of your website. For people new to this concept, Uptime is the duration of time when the website is operational, up and running without any or least instances of the website going offline. Most of the web hosting service providers ensure 99% uptime for their websites. If your website is capable of portraying maximum uptime,
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