You’ve got your products ready, with a proper checkout in place and have customers visiting your premium WordPress plugins or themes online shop. They spend time checking out your products, adding some of them to their shopping cart only to abandon it without actually completing the purchase. Frustrating? Yes. The end of your relationship? Definitely not! In this article, I want to discuss the recurring issue of cart abandonment by prospects who might actually be in need of your WordPress solutions but for different reasons do not complete the purchase. I will also show you what ways are available to us, as WordPress product sellers, to automatically recover & win back a significant part of those lost carts, without investing much time or thinking about it too much. Have I mentioned it’s all automated? Why Do Users Abandon Your WordPress Plugin / Theme Checkout? It’s important to first understand what are the possible reasons that might drive your prospects to abandon their loaded carts. As I’m writing this, I’m remembering the last time I had abandoned a loaded cart: I was looking to buy a drone and had been doing my reading and online research for
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