What is Core contributing? Contributing to WordPress core as a non-developer can feel a little confusing. After 10 years of benefitting from the efforts of WordPress Core contributors, I was finally able to find a path toward giving back and making a meaningful impact. WordPress is an Open Source project. It’s maintained by folks around the world who care about its future and believe in a product that can be used and tweaked to meet the needs of countless individuals and organizations. The beautiful thing about WordPress is we can help make it better. We’ve previously written about ways you can contribute to WordPress. Barriers to contributing In the past I tried to find ways to contribute. I even created an account for Trac, a place where much of the discussion and management of the WordPress project occurs, and wrote my first ticket. But I felt blocked from going further by: Time – It didn’t make sense to try and figure out how to contribute to WordPress, since I didn’t have a great starting point. There was no obvious path for digging in. Experience – While I have experience as a designer, I wasn’t sure how this could translate to working
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