The Display Widgets plugin was recently removed from the official WordPress Plugin Repository because it contained a backdoor to publish spam content to sites using it. While the latest update of the plugin is safe to use, it is highly recommended to replace it. See the best Display Widgets alternatives here. If you are using Display Widgets version 2.6.x on your site, you need to deactivate or update it to version 2.7 immediately! Once that is done, please read on. If you just want to know the best alternatives to Display Widgets right away, the plugins we recommend are, in no particular order: Why switch to a Display Widgets alternative? It needs to be stressed out that if you are using Display Widgets version 2.7, your site is no longer affected by the security issues. But because it has been removed from the WordPress Plugin Repository, it is highly recommended to replace Display Widgets with another plugin. The plugin can no longer be downloaded from, and there will be no bug fixes or feature updates added after version 2.7 (which is basically a rollback to an older, secure version).This means that Display Widgets is abandoned. But don’t worry, there are other
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