Because Display Widgets plugin has been permanently removed from the repository, you must have searched for the best replacement and found Widget Options! Thank you for choosing our plugin! I promise, you’ve made the perfect decision! As a token of appreciation, I am providing you with a simple plugin that will easily migrate you from Display Widgets to Widget Options. Just follow the instructions below. How to Migrate Display Widgets’ saved options to Widget Options Simply follow the steps below and/or watch the video I’ve created for better transition to Widget Options for WordPress. I do highly recommend that you backup your website or test it on the staging environment first to be completely sure that there’s no issues/conflicts with your theme or plugins. Download the migrator plugin tool on github : Upload and activate the plugin. Go to Tools > Widget Options Migrator and read the text descriptions carefully. Click Process Migration Download and Install Widget Options in case you have not done it yet. Go to Appearance > Widgets and double check if the options were migrated perfectly. Deactivate Widget
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