We all want every page of our website unique and enticing. One of the things we do is to place compelling posts that help us achieve user engagement. We make sure that they find something useful. Moreover, not only should every page or post be interesting. It should also be functional. Thus, we add widgets that help serve this purpose. However, some widgets may not be appropriate in certain pages or posts, so we hide them from those places. This can mean laborious coding work if you have not heard of this WordPress plugin called Widget Options by PHPBITS Creative Studio. This free plugin lets you easily show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages or posts minus the tedious coding work. HOW TO SHOW OR HIDE WIDGETS ON SPECIFIC WORDPRESS PAGES Here’s a very simple procedure for hiding unwanted widgets or showing relevant ones on certain pages. Step 1. Download your free Widget Options and let it do most of the job. From your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugins > Add New”. In the “Add Plugins” page, type “Widget Options” into the Keyword Search field, as shown in the image below. Click “Install Now”. When the download is finished,
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