Introducing Blockquote - the easiest way to get your readers to click to tweet and share your best lines on Twitter. Two weeks ago we introduced several new Facebook widgets dedicated to boost your site social engagement. Now, it's Twitter's turn to get a dedicated widget. Introducing Blockquote, a highly customizable quote box that comes with Click to Tweet functionality. If you're a blogger, or you publish content on a regular basis, this is a great tool to let your readers share your best lines with a simple Click to Tweet. The Blockquote widget allows you to add quotes to your site. Each Blockquote can be set to include the content of the quote, the author name and the 'Click to tweet' button. When you drag and drop the Blockquote widget you'll notice 4 skins that are available for the initial Blockquote design. You might remember the skin option from the Posts widget Cards skin release a few months ago. With regards to Blockquote, these are the skins that are available: We release a new feature on an almost weekly basis, but it's always thrilling to read the positive feedback from our users. What do you think of our Blockquote widget? We release a new feature on an almost weekly
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