We've just launched a powerful new set of Elementor features: Facebook Widgets. These widgets allow you to get more shares, Likes & interactions on social media. It's hard getting those Likes, shares and engagement on social media. So how can you have a bigger social media impact? (other than pouring more cash into Facebook ads) Luckily, we are now introducing our new Facebook Widgets. This pack of widgets will turn your site into a lean mean social sharing machine. These are the best tools to grow your business in Facebook, and they are available right now in Elementor Pro. The Facebook Widgets set saves you from both dealing with pesky Facebook embed codes, as well as from a handful of Facebook integration plugins that cram up your WordPress site. Using the new widgets allows you to increase your organic social engagement automatically, without any extra work on your side. Did you know that Facebook engagement is getting harder and harder to attain? According to BuzzSumo, the average number of engagements with Facebook posts has dropped more than 20% since January 2017. This is why this is the perfect time to hook your site to Facebook. Let's take a closer look to examine how
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