The Gutenberg drama started on June 22nd. On that day, the Gutenberg Team released the Gutenberg plugin in beta for testing. The drama is not over yet, but we are confident it will be soon enough. If you use WordPress for work or hobby, you must have heard about this new editor called Gutenberg. A team of contributors is working on it right now. If you haven’t, let me explain what it is in few easy points: This is the old editor This is Gutenberg 1) It aims to improve how we generate content with WordPress. 2) It’ll use Content Blocks (sections) and replace the existing post editor screen. 3) It will be included in WordPress core, starting from version 5.0. (later this year). 4) It is one of the the biggest change in WordPress in a long long time. 5) It is a big deal. Many think it’ll allow WordPress to shine for many more years (us included), others that it’ll sink the project. If you want to know more about it, feel free to download it and test it. Or you can read one of the many reviews that popped up since its release. Gutenberg Drama, before the beta release There has been no Drama before the beta release. But it’s worth reporting what happened. I
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