Security has been on the mind of a lot of people lately. Most prominently there’s there Equifax news. But a story today about CCleaner broke, the Display Options plugin for WordPress was compromised and subsequently banned from the WordPress Plugin Repository, and there’ve been many high profile security issues in the last few years. To compound the issue, you have organizations like Equifax using WordPress for parts of their online presence and then blaming open source software’s shoddy security. This could lead our clients to ask: Are there security issues with WordPress? How should we handle that? There are Security Issues with all Software The most important thing to remember is that this can and does happen to anyone. It’s not specifically a WordPress problem. For example, CCleaner is specifically a Windows application. WordPress is software runs on millions of websites, and updates to those websites are not consistent (another common software problem). So yes, there are security issues with WordPress, like there are with everything. But that’s not exactly what you should tell your clients to put them at ease, or to sell them on a new project. The
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