Whenever you aim to blog about a series of different things all seeking to help out people write quality code (or write anything, really) to help improve their workflow, you’re bound to get feedback, right? Don’t get me wrong. I welcome it. I think it helps to make for better writing in the future (that is, I ask, what can I do better). And at the risk of looking like I’m “calling someone out” (which I am not), I want to share an [unattributed] tweet that I received last week: your title “high-quality code” got me pumped for some hardcore stuffs, but dude ~99% narrative vs ~1% code?? drops dead on his keyboard And I get it. There’s very little code in a post that is aiming to talk about code. But there are reasons for this, and it comes from a few years of both reading articles, writing articles, reading code, and writing code. So I thought for others who have the same thoughts, it might be worth explaining why I take the approach I do. Understanding Before Coding To be clear, nothing here is meant to single anyone or anything out. If anything, it’s my generalist on the topic and why I think talking about, writing, and sharing posts
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