If you’re involved in the WordPress community and follow WordPress news you’ve no doubt heard about the Gutenberg project. If you haven’t heard about it, get ready. Gutenberg will fundamentally change WordPress for everyone. What is Gutenberg? “Gutenberg” is the codename for the new WordPress editor scheduled for inclusion in WordPress 5.0. It aims to dramatically improve the post and page editor experience and make it easier for anyone to create rich post layouts. It will do this by embracing “blocks” to interact with and structure content. However, Gutenberg is much more than a refreshed editor. It is a comprehensive transformation of content creation and editing in WordPress both in terms of user interface design and structural approach. A new editor that makes it easier to create beautiful and rich post layouts sounds like a great idea. While the current editor works quite okay it is getting a bit dated and falling behind the competition. Gutenberg is a much-needed response to modernize the editing experiencing in WordPress. Gutenberg is currently in beta and available as a plugin in the WordPress plugin repository. If you haven’t
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