About a week ago, on August 30th, Paul Oyler suffered a massive heart attack. Luckily, there were higher powers watching over him and his wife was able to get him to the local hospital where the doctors were able to take care of Paul. Several days later, Paul was able to head home for his ongoing care. Extreme pain, soreness, and difficulty sleeping have made the recovery process a trying time. Many of you know Paul. You've probably met him online, talked to him at a WordCamp, or even share his love of the Grateful Dead. Paul has been involved in the WordPress community for years and has probably had interaction with you that you might not even know. Paul earns his living as a freelance web developer. This ordeal has taken its toll on Paul and his income earning capability. His wife has also had to take time off from her work to help support Paul. Because of this situation, I'm asking those who know Paul to consider coming to his aid to make sure Paul will be able to meet his financial obligations (bills, medical expenses from the heart attack, etc). The WPStudio.com community is coming along side Paul to take care of his clients so that he will be able to take care of his clients.
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