So you need to buy a car. You start by setting a budget and picking a make and model you like. Determine if you want new or used. Do some research online; perhaps you consult a Kelly Blue Book. Then, armed with a good idea of what you need, what you’d like, and how much you can spend, you go to the car dealer. You shop around a bit. But you know for sure, if you want a Ford Fusion, you’re paying between $20K and $25K. There’s a sticker price and most dealers will stay within a few thousand of that. But what about website cost? Pricing a Website is Hard – for Everyone There is no sticker price for websites. There’s no Kelly Blue Book or MSRP. Web developers don’t talk to each other and determine how much “a website made by X with these features” will cost. Because of that, if you need a website, you can’t be as prepared as you are when you buy a car. Instead, your process is closer to this: Determine you need a website Look at other websites to figure out what you like Checkout Squarespace or Wix or to see if you can do it yourself Talk to someone you know to get a recommendation for a web developer This seems a bit
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