Oh No! all of the blog posts and contents are deleted accidentally! Now, what to do? There are two options – you can either freak out or retrieve all of the lost contents from the WordPress database. If you want to restore the “lost” web page contents, I can show you two easy steps to accomplish this job: Check the revision date This is probably the easiest step to retrieve the lost posts or contents. Open the WordPress edit page of the desired content or blog post. Scroll down towards the end and you will find a list of page revision. You just have to click on the revision date. It will take you to the last version of the page. Here you will find a whole bunch of restore dates. Click on the desired and bring back the early contents. From the Database 2.1 Use Plugins Restoring database can also help you to recover the deleted or modified data. But, how are you gonna do this? First, you can use plugins / MySql interface or retrieve the database manually. BackUpWordPress is the plugin appropriate for this job. You can also use the BackupBuddy plugin, which is actively protecting half a million WordPress sites since 2010. The use of plugin is similar to the free data
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