Having an online store instead of a physical store is a great way to start a business, but even online stores are prone to security breaches and hacking. While an online store offers many advantages, it is to be considered that such stores have a lot of third party information, log-ins from different people, payment gateways and links to many other webpages. Creating an online retail store is easy with WooCommerce but it must be kept in mind that all online stores make an attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals. However, there are no reasons to worry because adequate safety measures exist to make ecommerce safe and secure without the requirement of too much money or technical expertise. Here we discuss how one can secure their online stores. 1. Using security plugins Though WordPress is considered to be a safe platform, it is a good idea to increase the security with the help of any of the available security plugins. These plugins keep checking the website for security threats and eliminate them with constantly regulated and updated security measures. Some of the popular security plugins are Wordfence, Bulletproof security and All in One WP security and firewall. Many more
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