Integrating the former into the latter enables you to get the... || Spreadsheets are one of the most efficient ways to display and sort through large amounts of data, and Google Sheets is one of the most intuitive tools you can use to create them. In contrast, WordPress can handle simple tables, but not graphs. Integrating the former into the latter enables you to get the best out of both worlds. By using Google Sheets, you’ll be able to access that platform’s advanced features and share your results with the world through WordPress. In this article, we’ll teach you how to turn your Google Sheets into tables and graphs for WordPress. Let’s crunch some numbers! Why You Might Want to Use Google Sheets With WordPress Google Sheets are a great way to handle large datasets and create tables. Google Sheets is a cloud version of the tech giant’s take on spreadsheet applications. It packs in all of the features you’ve come to expect, while making it easy to share and collaborate with others on your work. At first glance, integrating Google Sheets and WordPress might not make much sense. However, if your website uses tables, the combination isn’t as
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