IFTTT (if this than that) is a web service that allows users to create connections between two or more third-party services. IFTTT supports more than 500 web services, and provides a library with hundreds of ready-to-use applets you can use to automate a considerable number of tasks in your daily work. The paradigm “if this than that” means that if an event is detected somewhere, then an action is performed elsewhere. For WordPress users, IFTTT means fewer plugins installed, more connections to a huge number of web services, higher automation and productivity in online activities. In this post, we will explore the opportunities disclosed by IFTTT to WordPress users. First I will introduce you to the web service, then I will highlight some popular WordPress IFTTT recipes, finally I will show you how to build a basic applet to connect Flickr and WordPress. But before diving into the web service, I should provide some definitions of commonly used IFTTT terms. IFTTT Terminology Applets (also called recipes) are the applications that automate the interactions between services following the if this than that paradigm. A trigger is a source of events that IFTTT can respond to by
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