Freemius may sound like a background character from Game of Thrones, but alas. Freemius is a WordPress plugin service with a really neat concept: you can sell your plugins and themes through the WordPress dashboard instead of using an external marketplace. You can also collect data about usage, activation, and deactivation that may help development decisions. Give Me Freemium or Give Me Death It’s should not be surprising that Freemius is aimed at–drumroll, please–freemium apps. (Get it? Freemius…freemium? Hilarious.) Freemium is the catch-all for those apps that have a somehow-limited demo that you get for free and are prompted to upgrade to unlock its full potential. Freemius’s whole shtick is that it offers free and freemium developers a toolset that not only gives them data on users’ activation and deactivation habits, and software usage and versions, but also has an integrated sales component within the plugin itself. It’s a pretty neat concept, but does it work? And as a plugin or theme developer, is it worth the integration? That depends. But I’ll do my best to go through the highlights as I see them so you can make an educated
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