Ok so at this stage in my life I have two things I spend a lot of time doing: Making WordPress websites and mobile apps that use the WP-API Listening to hip hop music Anyone who keeps up with hip hop is probably aware of the divide that is being created between this newest generation of ‘mumble rappers’ and the old gaurd. No wrapper probably typifies this divide than Lil Uzi Vert. To be honest the first time I heard Uzi (the song: now I do what i want), I didn’t really like it. I found the lyrics repetitive and I felt like the songs lacked ‘musicality’ compared with say Jay-Z, Kanye or Cole. Also the whole look & themes are totally different, its almost closer to 80’s rock and roll than the rap game I’ve come to love. Then I was kicking a soccer ball with my kids and I just kept finding myself going ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’ a la Uzi. What was happening to me? I wanted to listen to more mumble rap! Then I heard this song and I was hooked – I still think it’s the best of song of the year. Of course there is a massive divide in the Rap community, just check out this video: Gutenberg (what I am using to write this post) has
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