Hello! What's your background, and what are you working on? Hi, my name is Michael Hebenstreit, and I'm a former stock broker and entrepreneur located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I'm the founder and CEO of MH Themes, a WordPress theme company specializing in professional magazine WordPress themes for online magazines, news websites and advanced blogs. Today, we're making around $360k in yearly revenue. What motivated you to get started with MH Themes? My background is very different from what I'm doing today. I started my career in the banking industry, working as a stock broker (institutional equity trading) for various banks and broker firms in Frankfurt am Main. A few years ago I didn't even know what WordPress was, so of course I didn't have any idea how to code a WordPress theme. Nor did I have have any education in design, development, or IT. However, I tend to get bored quickly, and I often have crazy business ideas (which usually don't become reality), and back in the early days I experimented with creating HTML sites for all kinds of things as a hobby. That was long before WordPress existed. In 2010 I became interested in online marketing and SEO, and at that time I launched
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