In this week’s podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of protecting the existing SEO when a redesign is done for a website or blog. This is a common problem because many times, developers and DIY website owners forget entirely about SEO and completely lose existing search ranking when the new website or blog goes live. Rebecca walks through multiple elements that you need to consider before, during, and after the go-live. These steps will help make sure website owners have thoroughly reviewed the new website and validated that the existing SEO will survive the transition to the new design. The checklist items include development website set up, content silos and planning, content creation, technical SEO, and go-live. As an added takeaway, Rebecca created a handy SEO checklist that can be downloaded and used by website owners and developers in future website redesigns and launches. Download the SEO Checklist for Website Redesigns -> Additional Resources If you enjoyed this podcast episode, please consider sharing it on social media or leaving us a review on iTunes.
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