If you are thinking of selling WordPress products, you have two options: list on a marketplace, or sell through your own site. I’d highly encourage you to sell on your own site, here’s why. Giving Up Control Listing on a marketplace means that you are totally dependent on them for your traffic and sales. This is tempting in the beginning because if you don’t have any traffic they can provide it for a fee. 50 percent of a few sales is better than 100 percent of no sales, right? This is short-term thinking. Consider three years from now when you’ve built your brand on their platform, and sales are coming in regularly. You’ve hired a team to help you with support and development. Now you and several others are depending on this revenue for their livelihood, which can be taken away at any minute. If the marketplace changes their rules, which happens all the time, your livelihood is at risk. For example, Envato recently changed their rules so that exclusive authors cannot sell related products on their own site. If you are an exclusive author, you have no choice but to comply, giving up, even more, control over your brand. What if they decide to change the way
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