At the beginning of 2017 I wanted to do a very specific analysis of HermesThemes client websites. I was curious to see how many customers keep their WordPress websites up to date. One thing lead to another and I ended up creating my very own search engine that is able to achieve some interesting things. During July-September 2017 I have analyzed over 705,000 hotel websites from 150+ countries. I am publishing the results of my research ~2 months ahead of the Digital Strategies for Travel Europe 2017 conference that will take place in Amsterdam (29-30 November), a conference that I will be attending. Get in touch if you would like to meet and have a quick chat there. About This Research Who Is This For? I believe that this data will be mostly useful to the following categories of people: IT and Marketing people working in/for the lodging industry; Web developers and web designers; Hotel owners and hotel managers; Social Media Experts; The Search Engine Optimization Community. Content Management Systems (CMS) There are a lot of ways to build websites: static HTML files, free content management systems (CMS), licensed content management systems, proprietary (custom) website engines, etc.
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