I have been very vocal in the WordPress community about the fundamental issues I see with the new visual editor being bundled with version 5.0. One response I keep hearing is “how would you do it differently?” So, I thought I’d outline a hypothetical roadmap for the Gutenberg that might have been. Just for those who haven’t been reading my previous posts, my most fundamental issues with Gutenberg fall into just five topics (if you are familiar with the issues, feel free to skip ahead): WordPress posts should be stored in a universal Structured Data format Block-based editing means that posts are structured into blocks (obviously). post_content‘s current format is a series of hacks layered on top of the original plain-text implementation, which is fundamentally unstructured. This current format, by definition, cannot preserve all the details of the original data. the current format is literally incapable of supporting lossless, structured data, no matter how many new elements are introduced. Structuring data in a JSON/Mobiledoc format would have benefits to the existing data, as well as setting WordPress up for the next decade. Benefits include: Images can
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