Reaching an international audience or a diverse community that speaks multiple languages is now available to almost any type of business and can have a positive impact on your website traffic and revenue. The first step required is to add multilingual functionality. “I Increased My Search Traffic by 47% from Translating My Blog into 82 Languages” – Neil Patel It’s also worth mentioning that there’s been an increase in websites translated in more languages, in the last period of time. Build With comes with an interesting graphic explaining the Multilingual trends. Businesses that should have a multilingual site Firstly, let’s make a short roundup of some international businesses that would need a multilingual site: Tourism agencies & Hotels Companies that are doing or extending their business on international markets Companies active in a country with more than one language, such as Canada (English, French) Types of translation available As my colleague explained some time ago, “WordPress in more languages can be anything between a slight annoyance to a real problem that can stop your project halfway”. The WordPress platform still doesn’t
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