This title is a bit misleading at the moment (but hopefully soon it won’t be). A few weeks ago I was trying to solve the problem of displaying random content using Beaver Builder. Namely, I wanted my testimonials to be random for each product, showing 2 or 3 on each page load. What I came up with is a simple plugin called Beaver Builder Random Rows. It’s still in Alpha and does exactly one thing right now: hide all rows with the class bbrr-row except one. I do this through some simple jQuery that runs only when you’re not in the Builder view. So what does this have to do with A/B Testing? Something I’ve never put into practice is A/B Testing. A/B Testing is basically showing one audience something (let’s say Row A) and a different audience something else (let’s say Row B), then evaluating the performance of each. The idea is that both things have the same purpose, but use a different layout or copy. While this plugin came out of a different need, in my research I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot out there as far as A/B Testing in Beaver Builder. It’s something I’d love to add to this plugin, and there are a few important features
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