At times it can be challenging to translate dynamic strings in WordPress for two main reasons: they come from a plugin or theme that is not using gettext for their strings they are user created and saved in plugin or theme options, in user meta or in a custom table the translation plugin doesn’t know about Themes like Hestia make use of the WordPress Customizer interface to quickly build a beautiful front-page containing a slider, various columns for information, a list of WooCommerce products if it’s needed as well as a contact form. A lot of content from that front-page is not stored in the wp_posts or wp_postmeta. While some will voice concerns over why breaking the post/page convention is a bad idea, I personally like how smooth the experience of setting up that initial page was. This flexibility is great when you want to do things your way, however, it’s also the main reason translating a WordPress site 100% can be a little harder to achieve, especially if you’re not technical. Current Solutions Each translation plugin has it’s own workflow when they translate dynamic strings. gettext strings are translated per plugin / theme or directly from
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