Welcome to the 31st edition of the monthly transparency report (for August 2017). This series is all about sharing what’s been going on in the company from an organizational and business point of view. Click here to see the previous reports. I want to touch upon a lot of things in this report, so here’s a quick TOC just to keep things organized (and in case you’re not interested in all of it, which is fine): 1. On being transparent | 2. Why you need company retreats | 3. Working from home and the problems with it | 4. The value in vacation days for all team members | 5. How we’re improving team management and performance | 6. Auto-renewals and how they’ve been working for us | 7. Conferences coming up – let’s meet! Overall, we experiment quite a lot as an organization. We try to learn from other business in the same niche and outside of it, and then fit new methods and approaches into our own workflows, mission, etc. Sometimes, this leads to reinventing the wheel (unfortunately), but, other times, it leads to innovation and making our work a lot easier and effective on a daily basis. Below, I want to share a couple of such things that we tried
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