Continuing our series (is 2 a series?) of progress reports this post shares the rundown of our last month of going live, what we have been up to, whats the traffic doing and more. Focus, and where to place it. This has been the biggest struggle this month, and to explain why I need to share a little about where im coming from. SiteCreate is a project I started to fill a void since moving away from my previous project (an elite ThemeForest author) and initially I wanted to try and step away from WordPress and have some fun by building a HTML page builder, which I did and I think its rather spiffing if you want to check it out. But, launching a site to share a neat tool no-one will use quickly became a side note as I just couldn’t shake the urge to go back to my roots and whip up some WP stuff. What does this mean for August? Well, read on to see what we did. Hello CodeCanyon & August saw the release of our 1st WP plugin, a super-niche affair we whipped up to solve a problem we where having (making documentation easily navigable and downloadable for offline reading), and seeing as we thought some folks may find it useful too we released SiteCreate Documentor for
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