Posted in WordPress by Jamie 0 Comments Using Google Analytics can be an extremely effective way to track your WordPress website’s performance. This solution can help you understand who your visitors are, what they are doing on your site, and what you need to improve to make your website more successful. However, if you have taken a glance at Google Analytics and not found it particularly self-explanatory or instantly useful, then you aren’t alone! In this guide, we look at the key aspects of Google Analytics to help you get the most out of this free tool. We cover how to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress website and get it up and running. We discuss the most important reports to monitor and what you can learn from them. And we look at how to set up conversion goals for your website track the results. What is Google Analytics and What Does It Do? Google Analytics is a platform that can track the user data from your WordPress website and compile it into useful reports. The reports Google Analytics creates can help you evaluate how your visitors interact with your website and monitor your site’s performance. Much of the data recorded by Google Analytics
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