Add blocks “slash” autocomplete—shortcut to continue adding new block without leaving the keyboard. Add ability to remove an image from a gallery from within the block (selecting image). Support and bootstrap server-registered block attribute schemas. Improve accessibility of add-new-category form. Documentation gets an updated design and content improvements. Adjust column width calculation in gallery block to properly respect column count. Create Autocomplete reusable component. Add in ability open link in new window. Other changes: Move pending review control together with sticky toggle at the bottom. Add caption styling for video block. Allow removing a “classic text” block with backspaces. Allow Button block to show placeholder text. Drop the deprecated button-secondary class name. Fix link dialog not showing in Safari when caret is in the middle of the word. Fix adding new categories and position newly added term at the top. Fix the resetting of drop-zone states after dropping a file. Fix placeholder styling on Text when background color is set. Update Composer + PHPCS. Rename default
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