A lot of websites these days have compelling contents that sure to attract visitors. When they promote them on social media with catchy titles, people engage enthusiastically. However, oftentimes, especially when browsing from mobile, they quit and never come back. This is because viewing is unpleasant with all the ads appearing several times in the content area. This is coupled with pop-up email opt-ins. One of the many solutions to this issue is to optimize sidebars and widgets. Sure, ads and email opt-ins should have a place in your sites. However, always think of user experience when deciding where exactly these widgets should appear. Why? Because a good user experience leads to longer or recurring engagements. Longer engagements lead to more traffic. More traffic then gives a greater chance for conversions. The E-Book that Helps You Optimize Sidebars and Widgets In the e-book, Ultimate Guide: Optimizing Your WordPress Sidebars and Widgets for Better Traffic and Conversions, we point out the characteristics of an optimized WordPress sidebars and widgets. Sidebars and Widgets should have relevance to the main content provide convenience to users act as support to the main content
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