This weekend, WordCamp Nijmegen happened. While having been my eleventh WordCamp in total, and my eighth time as a speaker, it was the first ever city-based WordCamp in the Netherlands. And it was awesome! Thursday: The Day Before WordCamps usually start quite early in the morning. Since not all attendees of a WordCamp live in the according city, a lot of them—me included—oftentimes schedule their arrival on the day before the first WordCamp day. These days before are a good opportunity to grab dinner and a beer together, and start boost your community adrenaline. This time, however, I could leave only pretty late in the day. When I finally made it to my hotel, I was too tired—and I nevertheless had to work on my slides anyway. So no pre-event for me this time. Luckily, this was not the case for everyone, so there did happen some inofficial get-togethers. Friday: Contributor Day WordCamp Nijmegen started with a contributor day, and also with a great amount of first-time contributors. Core Team As every so often, I started contributing by looking through my open tickets on Trac. There was one ticket catching my attention that also has a patch since day one—which
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