Today WordPress powers almost 28.6% of websites on the internet And the number is still growing. By far it is the most popular CMS around. What makes it even more special is that it is a free and open source software. And it is built & supported by a very good community. WordPress community has always welcomed anyone who wants to get involved with WordPress. WordPress 4.9 is just two weeks away from its beta launch. And it is a perfect time to participate in WordPress Core Contribution I recently started contributing to WordPress core. And it feels great to take part in the process which is going to shape the software In this article, I am going to show how you can also get started with WordPress Core Contribution WordPress Trac First of all, let me introduce you to WordPress Trac. It is the place where the development of WordPress takes place. This site consists of a lot of tickets. A ticket is similar to an issue which you create on GitHub repository. A ticket can be one of the following three types. Enhancement Defect Feature For WordPress core contribution, you need to look through the tickets present in Trac. For the beginners, now and then, WordPress Core Committers mark tickets
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