The discussion regarding WordPress’ JavaScript framework selection continues in the #core-js Slack channel ahead of next week’s meeting. One of the more recent topics is the possibility of framework-agnostic block rendering for Gutenberg, which would allow developers to extend the new editor using any JS library they prefer. This means that Gutenberg blocks, which are colloquially referred to as “Gutenblocks,” could be built with Vue, React, Preact, Angular, or whatever the developer feels comfortable using. Proponents of this idea contend that pursuing a more flexible approach makes WordPress’ core JS framework decision less critical. While answering questions on the #core-js channel, Gary Pendergast explained how Gutenberg could be built to maintain the separation. “I’m really not joking when I say that this decision doesn’t matter, even for people contributing to Gutenberg,” Pendergast said. “In #2463, the library is treated entirely as a utility library, much like we use lodash, for example. It performs a handful of tasks, and it can be relatively easily pulled out and replaced with something entirely different, with no
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