ReachJS and WordPress are breaking up. Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) announced is it today. I was half asleep when I read the announcement and since then I have commented, created a Twitter Poll, a Facebook poll/thread, started a Gutenberg issue Choosing the JavaScript Framework for Gutenberg (~WordPress), and now I am writing this post. It’s an exciting news. Since I believe the community is moving in the right direction here — this issue is where one could share their thoughts about different JavaScript Frameworks for Gutenberg (that goes into the WordPress Core). JavaScript Frameworks IMHO there are two prominent contenders here. Just to kick-start the discussion, here’re a few thoughts from the top of my head. VueJS: PRO: Beginner friendly. PRO: Proven track-record of success with Laravel. PRO: Way more popular as compared to Preact with a great amount of community support. PRO: More contributors than Preact. CONS: Key person dependency. MONETARY BACKING: At the time of writing, VueJS OpenCollective ($9,895) and Evan You’s Patreon page ($8,815) sums up to USD 18,710 monetary backing from the community. I truly believe that WordPress can do a lot
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