Speed optimization isn't an easy task. It's not just a matter of installing the right caching plugin, optimizing images or deleting plugins. There are many elements slowing down your WordPress website you need to take into account. Yet having a fast loading website should be on your goal list because it affects many areas that are all eventually connected to your business. If you think that over half of the visitors to your website spend a little more than 10 seconds on it, you'll start to see how speed and, in general, the performance of your website is a key aspect to your monthly revenue. As WordPress developer and Codeable Expert Justin Frydman tells: Enterprises that rely on sales or leads from their websites spend a great deal of money trying to decrease loading time by 100 milliseconds or more. It’s not surprising that an eCommerce site that makes $100,000 day will lose $2.5 million in sales every year for every second their website takes to load. You have mere moments to captivate your audience, provide them with what they're looking for, and try to convince them to buy it from you. The more you're good at lowering friction within these macro-steps, the greater your revenue
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