A company’s culture is about more than table tennis and bean bag chairs, and a common misconception is that you can’t create culture without a physical space. It’s true that common things that contribute to office cultures like interior design and group activities are simply not always possible with an entirely remote team, but culture doesn’t need to exist in a physical space for it to be present within an organization. Remote company culture is something we put a lot of time and effort into at Pagely, so today we’re giving you tips on how to do the same. Team Pagely starts off our bi-annual all hands retreat today, where we’ll all meet in person to workshop, be merry and put in some face time together. Normally, we’re working together from across the globe. As we’ve learned, and love to preach, a distributed office doesn’t have to mean a disjointed office culture. Here’s 5 tips for getting your team all on the same page, even from far away locations. 1. A Steady Flow of Communication Communication is fundamental when you have employees all over the world working for the same organization. Maintaining that constant stream
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