Content Aware Sidebars version 3.7 has been released, and it includes some major features that will help you take complete control over your widgets and sidebars. It might even change the way you think about WordPress widget areas in general. Let’s take a look inside! Design Your Widget Areas and Add Columns Where version 3.6 made it possible to modify the styling and markup of custom sidebars and widget areas, I now introduce the Widget Area Designer: Easily change the look and feel of any custom widget area, and display widgets in up to 12 columns. Content Aware Sidebars uses highly optimized and responsive CSS that will work in all modern browsers and of course only be loaded when needed. I know how important page load times are, so even when you have designed several widget areas that are all displayed on the same page, the total CSS size will just be ~1-2KB and have virtually no impact on page load times! It will also work nicely with caching and compression plugins. The design options you can customize in version 3.7 are: Widget Area Columns Cell Gap Background Color Padding Widget Background Color Padding Border Width Border Radius Border Color Text Text Color Title Color
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