Offering high-quality premium content to your paid members is an increasingly common practice in generating a revenue stream from WordPress websites. This is especially true in times of ad blockers. You can achieve this by using a handful of useful tools in the form of WordPress membership plugins. You may thus quite easily create a source of revenue from your WordPress website by offering restricted access to your premium content. You can monetize your content by making it available to your visitors via a secure, members-only area of your website. That way you can offer premium content in the form of tutorials, videos, eBooks, or any other kind of digital content. And perhaps you would like to offer teasers or previews of your premium content, further animating users to become one of your members? This can be achieved using one of the popular membership plugins listed below. WordPress membership plugins There are a variety of free and commercial membership plugins available within the official plugin directory. These membership plugins allow you to either restrict access to particular areas or your entire WordPress website as a whole. Now let’s have a look at what these WordPress
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