As WordPress modernizes in an increasingly competitive landscape, its community is taking new initiatives that challenge the notion of a WordPress bubble. One day when archaeologists dig up the digital remains of the WordPress civilization, they will find the remnants of a global community that both influenced and embraced the world around it. History will tell of a people rooted in a wide range of skills, trades, and locations. Their tools will reveal influences from the libraries of surrounding communities and the open-minded developers who adapted them for a common cause. On the whole, historians will conclude that this imperfect civilization at times let its pride get the best of it, but ultimately succeeded in its goal to Democratize Publishing. One footnote that will not go down in history as a defining feature is any sort of bubble. What is the WordPress Bubble? The concept of an isolated community of WordPress professionals unconcerned with the outside world is a talking point often referenced when criticizing the WordPress ecosystem. To be fair, the criticism is not entirely unfounded. For example, Scott Bolinger recently travelled to a conference outside the WordPress community
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