Contributing to open source occurs in a range of ways; more traditionally it may involve forums, patches, documentation, translations and bug reports. But it also includes; Organising events Donating financially Speaking and volunteering at conferences Writing about adopting open source and about contributing QA and testing Moderating discussions on conversation channels Writing tutorials Managing projects to move them along and clarify issues Designing layouts and interfaces to improve usability A human approach to contributing As we reach 60+ people, we’ve been exploring more effective ways we can track the contributions we’re doing on an individual level, so we can see how we’re contributing as a whole. Not because we want to track anyone’s time, or micromanage what people are doing; but because we wanted to really understand the ways in which we were actively participating towards the health and continuity of WordPress. This conversation led us to ask questions about how we contribute as a whole; and how, looking back to the last seven years, it’s become an integral part of who we are and how we work. We haven’t always had the same capacity to
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