Facebook offers amazing advertising capabilities including powerful remarketing and retargeting campaigns. On the other hand, WordPress is the easiest and most efficient way of creating and starting a business online. To utilize Facebook’s advertising capabilities to boost up your business, you will need to install Facebook’s pixel code on your WordPress site, just like Google Analytics tracking code! In today’s article, we will discuss the process of installing Facebook pixel on WordPress and give you the easiest step by step guide so that you can get started immediately. So, What and Why Facebook Pixel? [You can skip this section and if you already know and go to the tutorial section!] Advertising tools are almost same for every platform. Facebook definitely offers many groundbreaking features, but they are complex and hard to understand. Facebook pixel is one of them. Although pixel is common in most of the advertising tools. It is simply a piece of code that drops cookies to track visitors on your website so that you can reconnect with them late and show your advertisements. As you may already know, this is retargeting or remarketing. Using pixels you can track
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