With Elementor's new Testimonial Carousel widget, you can make sure your customer testimonials are presented in the most aesthetic and well-designed way. Testimonials offer a great way for gaining customer trust and getting more conversions. With our latest release, we are pleased to introduced the most highly customizable way to showcase your customer testimonials. This widget joins the Media Carousel released last week, and allows you to rotate a variety of testimonials in a wide array of designs to choose from. Since first releasing the single Testimonial widget, we've received a lot of user requests to add a testimonial slider. This widget is our answer, and it's bound to get a lot of our users thrilled. Let's explore the Testimonial Carousel options. The Testimonial Carousel comes with 2 skins: For Each skin, you can choose between one 5 different layouts. The content can also be aligned to the left, center and right, allowing you to set the position just right Getting the testimonials right can have a large impact on your conversions and sales. It's not easy, though. You need to find the right people, and get them to write the right copy, and finally display it in a way that it
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