WordCamp Denmark organizer Kåre Mulvad Steffensen and WP Pusher creator Peter Suhm are working on a GDPR for WordPress project that aims to provide an industry standard for getting plugins compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. The deadline for compliance is May 28, 2018, approximately 200 days from now. The Danish duo met at WordCamp Europe a few years ago and were inspired to work together on several projects, with GDPR compliance for WordPress sites being the most urgent item on their list. “We want to create a standard for plugin creators to describe what kind of data they store and how to handle it,” Suhm said. “With a standard like this it will be possible to build tools to make WP sites compliant with GDPR. That basically means things like generating privacy policies, tools to export sensitive data, and tools to delete it completely. GDPR is pretty complex, so there will likely be a lot of tools around this. The first thing we need is a standard. It’s critical especially for EU based companies, and I can tell you that it’s something people discuss in every meetup and WordCamp over here.” The GDPR for
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