For months I’ve been warning about the upcoming “Not Secure” warning coming to Google’s web browser in October.. Well, it’s October 2017, Google version 62 has been released but the heavily forewarned “Not Secure” warning appears to have gone AWOL. In theory, when you visit a non-https web page that includes a form of any sort, a “Not Secure” warning should appear like the below example: While this is good news for folks who are still dragging their feet on the subject of “should I or shouldn’t I set up SSL on my website?“, the writing is on the wall… If your browser has not yet got the memo about non-SSL pages, you may enable or disable the upcoming “Not Secure” warning by typing some text into your web browsers location bar. I found a summary on how to do this from the article, “Avoiding the Not Secure Warning in Chrome“. To force “enable” the non-secure warning today, copy this text into your Chrome browser’s location bar:* chrome://flags/#mark-non-secure-as *Apparently, for most people today the “Default” setting is to not display the not secure message.
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