With the talk, and fear, of Gutenberg coming to WordPress the perspective of a newbie might be helpful. I am very new to WordPress. I started using WordPress in earnest this past summer when a client asked me to build a website using WordPress. When asked if I could do it I said, uh, yeah, sure, no problem… I then spent two days researching the best ways to go about building a site with WordPress and chose to go with the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor Pro page builder; it just felt right. Armed with these tools (and my knowledge of HTML/CSS and jQuery) I felt confident I could get the results I wanted to pixel perfection, and I did. I am approaching Gutenberg much like one of our clients might. My initial experience with WordPress was one of hesitation, frustration and ultimately failure. I wanted more design control and less dependance on themes or plugins, and at that time page builders weren’t what they are today and GeneratePress and Elementor weren’t even on the scene yet. Which was why I stayed away for so long after that first try. The only reason I felt confident with WordPress this time around is because I spent a lot of time learning HTML/CSS/jQuery
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