Gutenberg is the name of the new editing experience that is due to be released as part of WordPress 5.0. In New York on Saturday, I gave a talk on the What and Why of Gutenberg, which was well attended and prompted lots of questions from the audience. Here are some of the answers to the questions I heard. Myth #1. Gutenberg will be released soon It is important to note that version 4.9 of WordPress is not out yet. Version 5.0 of WordPress is not due to be released until 2018, and the new editing experience is still under constant construction. There is no reason to panic. The team working on Gutenberg is listening carefully to the issues that users, developers, administrators, and designers might encounter during this change. There is a lot of hard work going in to make sure there is an orderly transition into the future of content creation. The Gutenberg team has not yet submitted what is known as a merge proposal to bring Gutenberg into WordPress Core. Even after it is proposed, it could take a long time for WordPress Core to accept it. As an example, it took the REST API more than 12 months to move from initial merge proposal to a release of WordPress. It is not possible to say exactly
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