If you're already familiar with WordPress, you're probably used to its content editor based on TinyMCE. Creating content in WordPress did not really change for many years now. But with new competitors gaining more and more attraction like Medium, Ghost, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress decided to build a new Editor called Gutenberg (After Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press). Gutenberg is a big change, it's a completely new way of creating content. Instead of writing inside a unique rich text input, you add blocks of various types (paragraphs, images, videos, embeds, quotes, lists….) to compose your post's content. The impact of this change on WordPress Users is not negligible. Content creators will have to learn about blocks, plugins authors will create custom blocks and templates, theme authors will style blocks… There are several posts out there talking about these changes and their impact on the users but very few talk about how Gutenberg is changing radically how we develop WordPress itself (aside from the frameworks battle, VueJS VS React VS Preact) 1- Developing in Github Usually WordPress development happens in WordPress Trac, through tickets and
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